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Child Doing Art Activity

Our Vision Statement


Home Away From Home Childcare (“Home Away From Home”) is a warm, welcoming pre-school, child care and learning institution that is known for our ability to be trusted by parents to take care of and help develop their children at their most impressionable age.


Our Mission Statement


To continue to be a responsible, well run and thoughtful community presence who cares about the development of children.


We will achieve this by focusing on quality in everything we do, parent satisfaction and our ability to grow our business.  This will be achieved by our leadership, management and staff’s engagement of potential/enrolled children and their parents.


Our Core Values


We are guardians of our children’s safety and well-being


We build our business by having trusted relationships with Parents and Children


We succeed through having satisfied and happy Parents


We believe in quality and excellence in everything we do


We value our employees


We teach and instill learning in all of our child activities


We require profitability for our business







We are committed, at Home Away From Home, to the belief that the early childhood years are developmentally the most formative years.  To encourage the children to grow individually in all developmental areas, we emphasize creativity, self-expression, imagination, critical thinking skills and most importantly, we encourage each child to recognize and appreciate how simply wonderful he or she truly is.  We positively, yet honestly, respond to them.  We applaud their efforts as well as their accomplishments.  We believe in their ability to make good decisions and support them whenever the need exists.  We also believe that this is the time that self-confidence, self-esteem, and successful adaptation to their world begins to emerge. We recently redefined our system-wide curriculum from the ground up.  Our curriculum is now based on the New York State Common Core Curriculum and Reggio Emilia based learning. We are ensuring to prepare your children for when they enter school and to be consistent with the education of our public school systems.


Since children are constantly learning, we have organized our program to enable the children to grow at their own pace and in their own direction, using whatever talent they choose.  We genuinely respect and appreciate each child and encourage them to feel the same way towards others.



Monday - Friday



6:30 a.m.



6:00 p.m.



Open until 10:00 p.m.  on Friday's Twice a month for Date Nights ! 

Hours of Operation 

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