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Our Staff

Home Away From Home Child Care Center wants to introduce you to all of their staff members. Below and on the following page, the staff have written a little something about themselves to share with you and your children.
Stephanie DiCenzo (Owner and Director)


My name is Stephanie DiCenzo and I am the owner of Home Away From Home Child Care Center. I am an active owner who is also the director that is in the center everyday with our phenomenal team. In 2013, I started in the child care field as an assistant teacher at two different child care centers. While I had tremendous love and passion for the work I was doing, I did not share that same love and passion for the manner in which these facilities were being managed. It was then that my vision changed and I made the decision to invest the time and resources to further my education and pursue a greater purpose. Since making that decision, I have successfully earned my bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Development and Administration, which allowed me to take things into my own hands and pursue the dream center I envisioned. All of this happened while I was serving as a full-time Nanny for a wonder family with 3 children. Home Away from Home Child Care Center is a center that is meant to be like a second home for children to go to during the day to feel loved, nurtured, and grow independently, mentally, physically, emotionally, and cognitively. I am eager to get to know you all personally and professionally and have our relationship grow over the years. This isn’t a job for me, this isn’t a business for me, this is my passion in life. This center is “my child”. I value all of you and am here for you for whatever you may need.

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