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Infant Program Goals​


Infants will learn through a variety of experiences, imitation, and opportunities for trial and error, repetition and explorations.


Infants will engage in a blend of independent and teacher influenced activities.


Infants will participate daily in activities that promote all areas of motor development.


Infants will be provided with ongoing language stimulation, both expressive and receptive.


Infants will be offered one-to-one physical and social contact throughout each day.

​Toddler Program Goals 


Toddlers will learn through a variety of opportunities encouraging exploration, imitation, repetition, and simple decision making.


Toddlers will be offered safe, yet developmentally stimulating choices.


Toddlers will be able to depend upon a predictable environment and routine.


Toddlers will be exposed to a variety of creative expressive opportunities including art, motor, music and social where the emphasis is placed on the process and self-expression, not the product or imitation.


Toddler independence in the self-care area is encouraged through positive teaching strategies and reinforcement.

Preschool Program Goals 


Preschool children will learn through a variety of experiences encouraging independence, self-expression, positive self-feelings, and problem solving skills, effective communication and social development.


Preschool children will be provided with a stimulating environment based on making choices engaging in thematic programming and participating in a wide variety of learning centers.


Preschool children will be responsible for independently achieving, in all areas, as much as they are developmentally capable of doing


Preschool children will engage in a blend of self-initiated and teacher influenced opportunities in the classroom and outdoors.


Preschool children will attain the readiness skills considered necessary for entry into Kindergarten.

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